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This app formats bits of text that are specified in a URL (anything before "") and modifies it based on whatever follows that URL (anything after "").

This is some automated documentation generated from the modifier classes for URLs. As such, it might be a little weird.

These modifiers are applied to the URLs by following the domain with any number of these things, separated with slashes. So if we wanted a message of size 150 that was both uppercased and bolded, the url would be:

Relationships between URLs can get kind of interesting to look at. /g/ generates a graph based on the relationships found and /r/ lists the immediate relationships with links. You can add or remove multiple relationships with one load:

One dash in a URL becomes a space, two become a dash and three become a line break. Here's a sample of some line breaks and text formatting:

Name Matches Description Sample
Align a([lr]) Switches text alignment[lr])
Animation anim None yet
Approach a None yet
BG bg followed by 6 digit hexadecimal code Alters background-color
Binary 1101 Converts text to binary representation of ascii values
CastsShadow casts None yet
Codify ascii Converts text to ascii representation
CssBackgroundGradient bg followed by 6 digit hexadecimal code, followed by 6 digit hexadecimal code None yet,16c49e
CustomShadow sh followed by 6 digit hexadecimal code Applies a drop shadow with custom colour
Cylon cy None yet
DunDun dundun Dun dun
Emphasis i Applies the <em> tag
FG c followed by 6 digit hexadecimal code Alters text color
FadeIn fi None yet
Glow g followed by numbers Applies a glow effect with specified number as pixel radius
GoogleFont f followed by numbers Switches body font to one from the google webfonts API: 0:Cantarell, 1:Crimson Text, 2:Droid Sans, 3:Droid Sans Mono, 4:Droid Serif, 5:IM Fell DW Pica, 6:Inconsolata, 7:Josefin Sans Std Light, 8:Lobster, 9:Molengo, 10:Nobile, 11:OFL Sorts Mill Goudy TT, 12:Old Standard TT, 13:Reenie Beanie, 14:Tangerine, 15:Vollkorn, 16:Yanone Kaffeesatz,
GraphViz g Renders a graph of relationships
LetterGradient lg followed by 6 digit hexadecimal code, followed by 6 digit hexadecimal code Per-letter gradient using spans that might break everything,5fbd4c
Marquee mq Scrolling scrolling scrolling
Matrix mx None yet
Message q( followed by any (non-slash) characters) Replaces the message
NoMargin nm Kills upper margin
OlTimey oltimey Like a silent movie card
OmgWhy fffuuuu Really irritate viewer
RemoveResponse -@ followed by any (non-slash) characters Removes a URL association
RespondsTo @ followed by any (non-slash) characters Associates this URL with another URL, the characters specified are exactly what comes before
Rot13 r13 Applies an ROT13 filter. Note: using this filter an even number of times does nothing.
Rotation ro followed by numbers rotates
Serif srf Switches to Serif font families
Shadow sh Applies a drop shadow
ShowRelationships r Show relationships to other URLs
Size s followed by numbers Changes font size to numbers specified (in pixels)
TitleCase tc Title-cases text
TranslatePunctuation p Translates certain strings in urls to punctuation (period, bang, questionmark, interrobang, omgomg)
Type t None yet
Unboldening -b Switches to normal font-weight
Uppercase uc Converts to UPPERCASE
Wavey sin None yet
YouWouldnt yw None yet
Zoomy zm None yet